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4 Fall Wedding Color Palettes We Love!

One of the first decisions made while wedding planning is the color scheme. Clothes, flowers, decorations and even the food and drinks can incorporate the colors that you choose. At Camellia Palms, a large portion of our weddings take place in the later part of the year, so we have a special appreciation for a good fall color scheme.

An Alabama fall wedding is the perfect time to play up warm and vibrant colors or intense and energetic jewel tones. Do you have a color palette you love, but you're not sure if it works for your fall wedding? Read our last tip for how to make the color you love fit well any time of year...

#1 Seasonal Colors

Warm, bright colors are very fitting for autumn nuptials. Picture the changing leaves, picking juicy apples, and sunflowers. Reds, oranges and yellows can come together nicely to create a vivid feel in your wedding décor!

#2 Jewel Colors

Jewel tones are very trendy, and rightly so! Rich shades like plum, burgundy, teal, emerald green and cobalt blue give off an elegant vibe. Bright, metallic accents combined with these colors can make your wedding look extra stylish.

#3 Soft and Subtle Colors

Another of palette that seems to be popping up more frequently is muted, pale colors. Neutral colors like gray, cream and tan combined with soft blue, sage green and blush pink feel reminiscent of a fall morning frost.

#4 Monochrome Colors

If you have a hard time coordinating a combination of colors or extremely partial to a certain color, a monochromatic color scheme might be the thing for you. Various hues of the same color can come together beautifully without going overboard. This can be a great way to use your favorite color, even if it's not "in season."

We're loving burgundy and wine hues for Fall 2021 and 2022, but there are so many great color combos to choose from!

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