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6 Reasons You Should Hire a Day-of Wedding Coordinator and What Exactly they Do!

We are so excited to welcome Nicole Pair from Elegant Pairings: Events by Nicole to be a guest on our blog! If you didn't know, Elegant Pairings: Events by Nicole is one of our Preferred Vendors for your wedding at Camellia Palms. Below, she shares all of the things you always wanted to know about a wedding coordinator and why you should need one for your wedding!

What does a day-of coordinator do? This is one of the most frequent questions I receive as a wedding planner and coordinator— what exactly is it that I do for day-of coordination? While a full-service planning package includes things like vendor recommendations, full design of the wedding and associated events, and other wedding details, the day-of coordination package focuses on the logistics that go into coordinating the actual wedding day ceremony and reception.

A day-of coordinator allows for you to plan your wedding on your own, but also sit back and enjoy all of your hard work and planning on the day of.

From receiving vendors, solving problems, creating timelines, and organizing the festivities on your wedding day, a day-of coordinator takes on various roles throughout the day to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. So why should you look into hiring a day-of coordinator— here are 6 reasons why!

  1. You don’t want to spend your wedding day working, setting up or breaking down. So you have set up your entire wedding, hand selected each vendor, flower, and detail to make your day special! That doesn’t mean you want to spend all day working to make sure that your vision is fulfilled. A lot goes into setting up your dream event how you imagined it— telling vendors where and how to set up, fielding phone calls and texts from vendors answering last minute questions, and making adjustments as need throughout the evening. You want to have an experienced point person to handle all of these things as they arise. Even at the end of the wedding reception, do you want to ride off after your grand exit or do you want to have to pick up and coordinate the gifts and cards going to the right place? Not to worry, your wedding coordinator will take care of all of this! They will help organize/oversee vendor breakdown and gather personal items for a designated family member to take them home. This allows you to leave your reception after your exit, without the worry of how things are getting packed up. You don’t want to be working your reception when you can be mingling with guests and enjoying the momentous event!

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2. You want to have an experienced person run the ceremony and rehearsal. The ceremony venue is set, but how do you walk down the aisle? What order does the wedding party walk in? How many songs do you need to select for guest seating, the processional, the recessional, and beyond? These are all things the day-of coordinator will help you with. The night before, the coordinator will run through the ceremony and make sure that everyone is prepared for the following day. On the day of the wedding, your coordinator will direct the wedding party where they need to be and when. They will also cue the music, and the wedding party to make sure that everyone is correctly spaced, walking in order, and getting great photographs along the way.

3. What does a timeline look like and how do I create one? Timelines are a necessary and vital part of the wedding day and an experienced day-of coordinator will help you create one that prioritizes your needs for the day. Timelines are also distributed by your coordinator to all vendors prior to the wedding date, so that everyone is on the same page on the day of the wedding. A successful timeline includes all vendors and their arrival and setup times, it also designates appropriate amounts of time to photography, hair, makeup, etc. A professional coordinator understands how much time is needed for hair and makeup, family photos, and a first look— it is important to have someone with experience to help you prioritize and plan appropriately for your wedding timeline. For example, did you know you don’t need your photographer there for all of your hair and makeup? You only need to schedule them to do staged application photos at the end of your hair and makeup session. All of these details are well-known to your professional coordinator and will be worked in to your timeline accordingly.

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4. Emergency Kits and Having the Necessary Tools. One of the most frequently gifted items at a bridal shower is a day-of bridal emergency kit, containing things like Advil, bobby pins, deodorant, and other toiletry items. But what about other “emergencies”— do you have the tools to make a boutonnière on a moments notice? Day-of coordinator’s are prepared for anything and everything! With full emergency kits containing everything from a hot glue gun and scissors to safety pins and extra floral tools, an experienced day-of coordinator will be able to handle anything thrown their way and will handle it before you even know a problem existed. I once had a groomsmen not receive a boutonnière and I made one on the spot with some extra flowers— the only people who knew were the groom and the best man. It is important to have the tools and experience to handle these potential situations, which you get when you hire a day-of coordinator.

5. You won’t have to communicate and iron out details with vendors on the day of your wedding! Vendors so often appreciate when a couple hires a day-of coordinator because they are constantly kept in the loop. Your day-of coordinator will provide each vendor with a timeline and outline their responsibilities for the day. Everybody wants to worry about their own tasks for the day, and a day-of coordinator allows them to do their job more efficiently. Prior to your wedding day, a day-of coordinator will reach out and touch base with all vendors to ensure they have everything they need on the day of the wedding, from putting together extra chairs for the musicians to making sure the photographer has their required hot meal, the day-of coordinator will help handle all these details. Having this open line of communication also provides vendors a lifeline on the day of the wedding. Instead of messaging the bride about hitting traffic or asking about where to set up, they have a direct connection to the coordinator to assist them.

6. They will keep everything running smoothly. You perfectly planned every last detail but need someone to make sure it runs smoothly. Your day-of coordinator will work ahead of time (which is why many packages are referred to as month-of packages) to review every contract and all the details that you have meticulously planned to make sure that everything is tied up accordingly. With that in mind, your coordinator is also equipped to accommodate all changes and solve problems as they arise.

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Looking at these 6 reasons to hire a day-of coordinator, the main goal of the coordinator is to take away stress from the couple on their wedding day.

Nobody should have to work on their wedding day, but rather should have the ability to enjoy their wedding with friends and family without the worry of keeping everything together and managing all the moving parts.

Elegant Pairings: Events by Nicole has packages designed to do just that for you and your fiancé. We’re there to help with every last detail and serve as an intermediary between you, vendors, and the venue, to ensure your wedding dream is fulfilled!




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