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Amber & Keith's Alabama Sunset Elopement

Our most recent elopement was SO gorgeous (but then again, what wedding ISN’T in a magical place like Camellia Palms?) The aesthetic of Keith and Amber’s garden themed elopement was so lovely. Between the glamourous jewel tones, lush floral arrangements and the palpable love felt from everyone involved, it was hard to pick a favorite aspect!

There was so much color! The assortment of flowers on the ceremony arch, and in the bride’s bouquet, included deep blue and purple hydrangeas, wildflowers, and dahlias in various shades of pink. Our garden style elopement package fit Amber's vision perfectly.

This close knit family arrived coordinated and dressed in complementary tones of teal and green and all of the men wore matching teal ties to really bring the garden theme all together.

As the sun began to set, Keith and Amber shared their vows and exchanged rings in front of those most important to them. The groom, Keith, got very emotional during his vows and started to tear up, which instantly caused everyone else to start crying as well!

It was easy to tell this group of people genuinely cared for and loved each other very much.

After the elopement ceremony they all headed down to the Cypress trees for family portraits and then the newlyweds went off with talented photographer Rebecca Fleming for their couple’s portraits. She began capturing their elopement memories as the golden light of the sunset shined through the trees while the couple walked through the forest. As you can see, it turned out positively idyllic!

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