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Common Wedding Invitation Questions | by Dilly Dally Paper Co.

Today's blog is a guest post by our Preferred Wedding Vendor, Dilly Dally Paper Co.

When it comes to choosing your perfect wedding stationery there are lots of questions that have to be answered before that beautiful invitation is in your hands.

Tell us if this sounds samiliar and you've felt overwhelmed by picking out wedding invitations!

Well, we here at Dilly Dally Paper Co. are experts when it comes to wedding stationery and we are here to help prepare you for your invitation meeting.

Here are some questions for you to consider before meeting with a stationery expert.


When it comes to invitations, wording seems to be the one thing most brides don’t think about until they sit down at their invitation meeting.

Wedding invitations can come across more formal or more casual depending on the way it is worded.

For example, a more formal invitation might start with “Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Shepard invite you to the marriage ceremony of their daughter.”

While a more casual invitation might be worded with something like “you are invited” or “with their families” rather than stating the name of the bride’s parents.

It seems like a very small detail, but it is very important to make this decision so that the very first word your guests read on your invitation gives them the correct first impression of your wedding day.


Traditionally all wedding invitations come with an RSVP card for guests to reserve their spot at your big day. However, nowadays not everyone wants the extra charge of a secondary card.

If you are opting out of the RSVP card, something to consider is if you will want to add a RSVP option such as a website or email address at the bottom of your invitation. If you do chose to stick with tradition and have a RSVP card, think about how early you would like your guests to turn in the card so that you can include a due date.


Paper can make or break a wedding invitation. Textures and thickness make a difference not only in price but also the overall feel of the invitation.

Here’s a hint: the higher the pound of paper the thicker it is and most likely the more expensive it is.


The more exciting question is always design. Somethings to consider when it comes to design are: style of design, flower choices and color scheme. Knowing what style of design do you prefer will help your designer catch the vision you have of your stationery from the get go. Some common styles include rustic, watercolor, illustrated, elegant, or boho.

Another common question designer will ask brides is do you want to include flowers in your invitation? If so it is important to know what style flowers you will be using at your wedding so that they can be replicated on your invitation. This seems simple and small but will help your invitation meeting to go smoothly.

If you’re stumped on design another common question is what colors will you be using in the wedding. Most designers can create something beautiful for you just by knowing your wedding colors so this is an important piece of information to bring with you.

At Dilly Dally, we pride ourselves on our bridal experience being like no other. All our wedding stationery is 100% customized to your liking. Our process begins with a sit down meeting with all brides to discuss all questions listed above. From there ,we create multiple designs for our brides to choose from and we then print on their selected paper type in house.

For more information check out our website at www.dillydallypaperco.com, on instagram at @dillydallypaperco, Facebook at Dilly Dally Paper Co. or on Etsy at Dillydallypaperco.

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