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Don't miss these themed quilt retreats in spring 2023!

Let's start this blog post by saying how much fun going on retreat can be. It's the best few days of meeting new friends or catching up with old ones, finishing all of your UFOs or learning a new skill from an instructor, oh and the food and the shopping...

Yes, it's sew much fun.

But have you ever been to a retreat with a theme?

A themed quilt retreat is just like going to a party with a theme. The decorations, the activities, and sometimes even the outfits are all planned to match the occasion, and it's fun to see everyone get excited about the theme!

These 2023 themed quilt retreats are the ones we would RUN to sign up for!

Quilters' Escape Room Retreat January 5-8

You arrive at the beautiful, old Lake house at Camellia Palms for the quilt retreat, only to realize that all of the doors locked behind you and the other retreaters!

Everyone seems so nice, and can't help but wonder if you've been brought here for a reason.

Your quilting instructor, Tabatha, is friendly, but is completely unconcerned about you all being locked in. In fact, she tries her best to distract you from this with lots and lots of quilting...

Not everyone is what they SEAM....

Can you quilt to solve the clues & unlock the doors to find your way out??

Cat Lovers' Quilt Retreat January 9-13

Crazy Cat Moms & Crazy Quilt Ladies UNITE!

Create a fun cat-themed quilt top project called, "Cat City" and the pattern is included in the retreat, AND a surprise mystery BONUS project!

This is a great retreat for everyone, beginners and beyond!

There will be cat-themed swag and prizes, a trunk show, and plenty of quilting! Find the info here!

Quilters do have the most fun after all, so attending a themed quilt retreat sounds like an absolutely fantastic party + quilting bee all rolled into one!
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