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Eloping: 4 Reasons Why You Should Elope Instead of Having a Big Wedding!

Elopements tend to have the reputation of a couple making a rush decision involving signing paperwork and sharing a stale exchange of generic vows up at the courthouse.

But that simply isn't the only way that couples elope today!

You don’t need a large guest list, grandiose venue or a large wedding party to make your day special! Here’s a few benefits to having an elopement versus a wedding.

Elopements make planning less stressful: More places are offering elopement packages that take the hard work out of planning your ceremony. No panicking over flowers, caterers or music. Packages vary vastly location to location so depending on your desires and budget, you could get anything from a simple ceremony with an officiant to a “mini wedding” complete with a photographer, flowers, and more.

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Elopements can be budget friendly: As much fun as big weddings are, they can take a toll on finances. In 2019, the average cost of a traditional wedding in America was over $33,000!

Elopements are far more doable, especially for couples who are opting to save money for a big purchase such as a house. Many couples even decide to spend that money on travelling together instead.

Elopements are intimate: While many people enjoy having a traditional wedding, a sentiment that is often shared by many couples is that in the busyness of pictures, reception, catching up with family etc. they don’t get to fully appreciate the main reason for getting married: Each other!

Romantic memories that just the 2 of you experience will last for a lifetime. However, eloping isn’t synonymous with only the couple being there. In fact many people have close friends or important family members attend.

Bottom line: having a small gathering lets you really soak in the romance and memories together!

Elopements are good for unexpected circumstances: Life is complicated and doesn’t always go the way we plan. Eloping is good for those last minute instances. Perhaps you have a big move across the country but you want certain family members attending, or you have people who can’t travel that you want with you on your special day. Maybe your spouse is in the military and being deployed soon. Many people even get married last minute to ensure that an ailing relative is able to see them married before they pass away.

Whatever the case is for you, eloping gives you the control to get married on your terms, when it seems like everything else is going haywire.

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