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From Bare to Beautiful: How to Transition an Outdoor Space into a Wedding

We're so excited to share this guest blog post with you from The Celebration Place! Karrie & her team at TCP are the experts at gorgeous event design with their full selection of event rentals from lights to glassware to chairs. Here, they're sharing their best tips for making an outdoor space look amazing on your wedding day.

While outdoor weddings have been a hit for a while, they have become especially popular during 2020 and 2021. That’s where we come in! Most outdoor weddings start with a blank slate, which makes room for tons of rentals! Adding unique decor to an outdoor space can add a lot of character to your wedding, allowing you to customize it however you want!

Here are some tips on how to use rentals to make your outdoor wedding unique and unforgettable.

It’s All in the Details

Think of little details and think outside of the box! Small accents can make a big statement. Mix and match seating (chairs and benches) to create an eclectic look. If you like the look of just one style chair or bench, add sashes to them to add dimension and a pop of color. Include throw pillows and blankets to benches to add texture to your ceremony. For a boho look, consider layering rugs down the aisle for a unique look. Don’t forget an arch!

Photo: Kiersten Stevenson Photography

Have a Seat

Include an assortment of furniture in your outdoor space. Lounge furniture is a great addition to a seating area for your guests. This gives guests a place to relax and rest their dancing feet, while also creating an upscale look. You can also include lounge furniture for your sweetheart table. Use a settee or two chairs for a special seating arrangement for the bride and groom. This allows the couple’s table to stand out, as it is the most important! Using unique tables is also a great way to add character to your wedding. Farmhouse tables and buffets are just a few ideas!

Photo: Jennifer G. Photography

Backup Plan

It’s always a good idea to have a plan b in case it rains or even for those hot summer months. Using a tent is a great way to still have an outdoor wedding but with peace of mind! Even if the tent is not needed, at least it will be there and can be used for food tables, vendor prep, or even lounge seating.

Illuminate the Night

String lights can add ambience and functionality to your wedding! Hang them over the dance floor or your tables. They can really help set the mood and also help provide light once the evening gets dark.

Photo: Kiersten Stevenson Photography

It Takes the Cake

Go big or go home. Wedding cakes are a traditional part of weddings that get a lot of attention. Display your cake in a special way! Add greenery or flowers to your cake table that matches your theme. Don’t forget table linens to add color! If you’re feeling really over-the-top, place an arch behind your cake table to add even more pizazz! You can even use the same arch from your ceremony! After vows are exchanged, the arch can be moved to the reception. Two birds with one stone!

Photo: Photography by Amanda Jones

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

While outdoor spaces are beautiful on their own, find unique pieces that brighten up the space. Bottles, vases, glasses… anything! You can also make a color statement with table linens. Incorporate color with flowers too!

Photo: Photography by Amanda Jones

Picture Perfect

Let’s be honest, we all love a good photo opportunity. Provide a backdrop for guests to snap a few Instagram-worthy pictures! Add balloons that match your theme and props! This is a great way to keep guests entertained as well.

There are endless opportunities when you host an outdoor wedding! When you start with a blank slate, you can customize your event 100% to make it your own. Start by choosing your color scheme and rentals that compliment the space and your vision.

With these tips, you can transform any outdoor space and, with these gorgeous event rentals from The Celebration Place, your wedding at Camellia Palms is guaranteed to be stunning!

P.S. Reading this and planning a fall wedding? Here are some of our favorite decor ideas!

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