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How to Have a Safe, Fun Wedding in 2021

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

This year, the questions on many couple's minds are, "How can I have a wedding that won't get cancelled due to Covid-19?" and "How can I make my wedding safe from Covid?" Below, we share 4 ways you can have a safe, fun wedding and make it easy for your guests to know what's okay and what isn't.

Have personalized wedding favors.

It's common now to see face masks and hand sanitizer at all kinds of events, including weddings. Instead of worrying about the fact that you'll have hand sanitizer at your wedding reception, make it fun with cute signs like "spread love, not germs" or "our love survived a pandemic!" and by offering personalized hand sanitizer or masks that have your wedding date & your initials on them.

Keep your wedding small, but hold multiple events.

We love this idea. Intimate weddings are *so* special because you can spend more time with guests personally, but having a smaller guest count will allow you to have a higher budget per guest. Think about offering extra favors or upgrading your catering menu for a smaller event.

Another great option is to have a sequence wedding. Invite different sets of guests to different wedding events to include everyone, just not at the same time. Think a family dinner, and two separate events for your ceremony and reception.

how to have a safe covid wedding

Have a seating chart by household.

To safely socially distance during the wedding reception, one great option is to seat your guests with the people they already live with or come into contact with. Your Wedding Planner can help you with these arrangements. Another bonus? No one has to sit with people they don't know at that awkward table in the corner!

Tell your guests ahead of time what to expect.

One mistake we see time and time again is that couples sometimes forget to give important information to their guests ahead of time, like parking, no smoking rules at the venue, or social distancing info. Your guests will appreciate knowing what to expect from you like whether or not masks are required and where they should expect to sit during the reception.

How to have a Covid-Free Wedding

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