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How to have the PERFECT Wedding Venue Tour Experience

You've gotten your favorite latte with your fiance or maid of honor and asked the barista to put your name down as "bride." You excitedly get in the car and drive out to the wedding venue of your dreams! You step out of the car, breathe in the fresh lakeside air, and look around at the pecan trees dripping with Spanish moss and the huge palm trees overhead. You're already picturing your reception at sunset with string lights draping from the trees as you cut your cake. The venue is everything you've dreamed, the venue tour goes smoothly, and all of your questions are answered.

You feel confident in signing such a big contract and paying the deposit because you know this is exactly what you want. You feel relieved to have made such a big decision and excited that you can move on to buying your wedding dress and ordering custom wedding invitations.

This smooth, easy process is totally possible for your wedding and we're sharing our most important tips below to make sure this is the Wedding Venue Tour experience that you have!

1. DO as much research online as you can about the venue you love first!

Save or print out the venue's policies and package details so you know what's included and what's not.

2. MAKE a list of the "must-haves" you want out of your venue BEFORE contacting the venue

What is most important to you? For some brides, the bridal suite and getting ready photos are high on their list, while other brides may consider the layout of the ceremony site to be the most important thing.

3. KNOW your guest count!

Every venue has a guest limit and you absolutely 100% need to have an approximate guest count before you go on a tour.

4. LOOK at the venue's past weddings & photos.

Do you see a lot of past weddings that fit your vibe? Are you inspired by the venue? Looking at other weddings at this venue will help you decide if this site is a good fit for your wedding vision.

5. MAKE a list of questions in advance!

Some of the most common questions include:

"What time does my reception have to end?"

"Can I have outside vendors?"

"Do you allow....?"

"Can you recommend a wedding planner or photographer?"

"Do you include set up? Clean up?"

"What is the bad weather plan?"

6. TELL the Venue Tour Guide about your vision.

Here at Camellia Palms, we LOVE hearing about the wedding you're dreaming of. We're excited *with you* to see your colors, themes, and ideas! Sharing this with the person giving you the wedding tour will give you a chance to connect with them.

7. FACETIME anyone important who's missing out on the venue tour while you're there.

If you're missing someone important when you go on the tour, bring them in with you so you have everyone you need in the loop.

8. BOOK onsite if you LOVE the venue.

Popular venues like ours book very quickly, especially during the months of Oct-Nov and March-May, so if you love the venue and know it's for you, *don't wait* to book.

We hope you use these tips to have the best possible wedding venue tour experience! Love our venue and feel ready to reach out for a tour? Book your tour here!

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