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How to Honor Those Who've Passed

Getting married is a super exciting, happy and memorable time. We want to share it with our friends and family and shout out to the world: “Hey! Come celebrate with us!”

But...including all the important people in your life isn’t always possible.

An unfortunately common occurrence is a family member or close friend passing away before the wedding happens.

Here’s some tips to help you remember everyone important to you on your special day.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...

Whether you’re superstitious or just want to follow the rhyme for fun, any of these items could be from the person you want to remember.

Perhaps an embroidered handkerchief to dry your tears during the ceremony, or grandma’s handmade shawl to wear when you get chilly.

Many brides wear borrowed jewelry, especially family heirlooms. An old pair of sapphire blue earrings borrowed from your favorite aunt even checks 3 things off the list at once!


Another sweet and subtle way people honor those who have passed is through their bouquets!

Flowers that have a sentimental value can be incorporated, a ribbon in grandpa’s favorite color can be wrapped around the handle (Or even an old necktie to make it extra personal!) or personalized lockets with a picture of multiple loved ones can be the perfect way to remember those who can’t be with you.

Seat of Honor

By far the most popular way to honor your loved one on your wedding day is to place a nice frame with a photograph of the person on a chair at the front of the ceremony space to help give the feeling that they still get to watch you on your special day.

I attended a wedding where the groom’s mother had lost her battle to cancer several years prior, so his bride and family members decided to surprise him. As he got to the front of the aisle, he turned to see a large photo of his mom's smiling face sitting next to his father, and then his bride to be walking towards him. It was incredibly emotional and sweet!

Moments during the Ceremony

There are many poems that can be read during the ceremony, about those who have moved on. A song could be played that reminds you of the person or maybe a song that you shared with that person. You can also have whoever is performing your wedding ceremony request a moment of silence in remembrance of those who have passed as well.

We hope these ideas bring you inspiration and comfort so that you can include the loved ones who, while they may not be there with you in person, you know are still there with you.

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