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Last Minute Wedding Planning Details You Don't Want To Forget!

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

We want you to have the BEST wedding ever. We've got a lot of experience with amazing weddings, and in all this time, we've seen how easy it is to overlook the small details. Here are 7 things we don't want you to forget for your wedding day!

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1. Ceremony Music & Who's Playing It.

It seems obvious but also somehow easy to forget. We've seen it happen. Be sure to plan for music to signal the guests that it's time to sit, a song for your wedding party to walk down the aisle to and, of course, a song for walking down the aisle yourself. Whether your music is live, played on a speaker, or run by your DJ, don't forget this detail. What would a ceremony be without music?

2. How Your Guests Know Where to Sit at the Ceremony.

You can go the "Choose a Seat, Not a Side," route or reserve rows. You can assign seating and have ushers take the guests to their seats, or have a "Groom's side" of the aisle and a "Bride's side." Whatever you choose, be sure to use signs to tell people what to do so they sit where you want them to.

3. What Your Guests will do while You're Getting Photos Taken.

We hate to see it, but sometimes we do. You're bathing in wedding bliss as the sun goes down and everything is glowy and magical, but your guests are standing or sitting near the reception, stiffly looking at their phones. Give your guests activities because you owe it to them to have a not-boring wedding. You WANT your guests to have a good time and appreciate all the work you've put into your wedding day.

Some of our favorite ideas are photo booths, corn hole, & yard games at casual weddings, or a beautiful charcuterie station with fruits and cheeses for them to snack on while they wait.

4. Who will Cut the Cake & What to do with Leftovers.

Your bakery or cake decorator probably isn't planning to stay all night and cut you cake so...who will, exactly? Your caterer may do it for an additional fee or your venue staff. Or, you may have a family member willing to cut the cake. Also, don't forget to ask your bakery or cake decorator for extra boxes to put leftover cake in at the end of the night.

5. Whether You Need Lights at Your Reception.

If you're having an outdoor Alabama wedding, you're probably dreaming of a cozy reception as the sun goes down. Be sure to consider string lights or lanterns to provide light to your guests as they walk around the venue if it's late in the evening.

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6. A Back-Up Weather Plan for the Entire Day.

You should plan this out in at least 3+ months advance but check your weather 7 days out and make the call about weather changes 48 hours out!

7. Who Will Make Sure that Your Decorations are Perfect!

As much time as you've spent on every gorgeous detail of your wedding decorations, you mostly won't actually be the one putting them up! Where will you be? Getting dressed, and getting hair and makeup done. Be sure to put someone in charge of getting all of your decorations out and in place, just like you've intended. The great news? At Camellia Palms, we include decorating in all of our wedding packages!

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