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Now is the PERFECT time to plan a retreat!

We've all put so many things on pause this year to keep our friends and loved ones safe and healthy. At The Lake House, we've taken extra steps to clean and disinfect our house and to help our guests safely social distance. If you're considering planning a retreat, we've got 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms which is plenty of space for your small group of 6-12 to spread out!

Here are some reasons why we recommend booking a retreat right now:

1) It helps you reconnect with

your friends & fellow artists

There has never been a better time to call the people who you love to see create and start making plans with them! Many of us have been feeling like we are missing out on the social and creative threads of our lives and planning a retreat can help you and others pick up the stitches of friendship again.

2) It's great motivation to start creating again

If you've found yourself lacking in creative inspiration or just missing out on the creativity and productivity that you get when you're on a retreat, this is the perfect time to start planning a getaway for fall or spring. Choose a new project or *finally* finish that project you've been avoiding for so long on your next retreat.

3) Retreat centers are booking fast for 2020 & 2021

Many retreats & special events from Spring 2020 have been postponed until the end of this year or next year. This means that there are fewer open dates than usual. Here at The Lake House, we recommend that you book now to hold your dates first and then you can work out the rest of the details. And, we also offer rescheduling at no cost if you realize that your group needs to change their reservation.

Book your group's retreat and hold your dates with only a $100 deposit! Send us a contact form with your requested dates to get started.


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