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Our Favorite 2021 Wedding Color Trends

These wedding trends prove that in 2021, weddings are all about feeling glowy and happy. Bold colors make great accents to outdoor surroundings and compliment wedding dresses quite nicely.

Trend #1 All things Burnt Orange, Burgundy, & Blush

Warm tones like oranges and red speak to our desire right now for love and connection. Everyone is looking for that sense of connection in 2021 and we love this color combo for spring, summer, and fall weddings.

2021 Wedding Color Trends

Trend #2 Greenery is here to stay.

We just love these invites by Dilly Dally Paper Co.

This breathtaking bouquet is from Soiree.

Foliage like eucalyptus and lambs ear has been popular for several years now, and we feel confident that in 2021, we'll continue to see even more stunning outdoor weddings that rely on lots of natural greenery. Previously, we've seen a lot of green and white, but in 2021, greens will be paired with creams, tans, and lots of color. The foliage will feel like its an extension of the trees and plants directly from the venue. At Camellia Palms, this means we're excited to see darker greens and pampas grass that ties in perfectly with the greens and tans of our Spanish moss, pecan trees, and palm fronds.

Trend #3 This is the year to play with Tropicals

Everyone is looking for the feeling of brightness and happiness this year. Make your wedding celebrate not only your love, but positivity and playfulness with lots of bright pinks, monstera leaves, and other tropical tones.

If you're planning your 2021 wedding and trying to choose a color scheme, think about what are the emotions you want your guests to feel and the sense you want the decor to convey. Is it pure romance? A quiet, calming love story told by green and minimalist surroundings? An optimistic and youthful color palette like bright pinks or yellows? Choosing your colors can really tie in the rest of your decor and help your wedding feel cohesive and stylish.

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