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The 10 Questions You Should Remember to ask on Your Wedding Venue Tour!

1. How many guests are allowed?

Every venue holds a different number of guests. It's very important to know if the size of the venue is a good fit for the number of people you plan to invite. What kind of reception you plan to have also determines your fit for the venue. For example, can the venue hold more people for an informal reception where people stroll around, and fewer people in a formal, seated reception? Be sure to explain what kind of event you have in mind.

2. Are my vendors included in my guest count?

This policy varies by venue! Some venues, like ours, base your guest count on the number of chairs needed, while other venues count every person on the property. Ask this question so you know who to include.

3. Do you offer a payment plan?

It's great when a venue offers a convenient payment plan to make budgeting for your wedding affordable and stress-free. You should feel confident in understanding how much you have to pay and when the payments are due.

4. Can I pay online?

We get it. It's 2020. We all pay for pretty much everything online. Why should your wedding venue be any different? Choosing a venue that offers simple, fast online payments and a way to see how much you still owe is a good feature to ask potential venues about.

5. Can I do a rehearsal and what about a rehearsal dinner?

Every venue has different rules about when you can have a rehearsal and whether it's included in their pricing. Be sure to ask about their availability for rehearsals!

6. What is the story of your venue?

When you tour a venue, you're trying to decide if this place sets the right feel for your own love story. Ask about the history of the venue and you'll learn a little bit about what makes them special. You'll also get a good feel about who they are, and you can share fun facts about the wedding venue with your friends & family.

7. What decor is included?

This question can save YOU money. Before you buy decor, check to see what extras the wedding venue may already have on site and can include with the price of your rental. Using decor that's already on site helps your budget and saves you LOADS of time because you don't have to pack it, bring it, and figure out what to do with it once the wedding is over.

8. Is alcohol allowed?

Whether you're having alcohol at your wedding or not, be sure to understand the venue's rules and policies for you and your guests.

9. Is Set Up & Clean Up included in my venue rental fee?

If there is a dream list of "Must-Haves" for your wedding venue, Set Up & Clean Up should be on it. Before your wedding, you want to focus on your bridesmaids, getting ready, and savoring those special moments...not moving chairs. After your wedding is over, letting an organized team break everything down for you will be a huge relief. We know this, and that's why all of our wedding packages at The Lake House at Camellia Palms include Set Up & Clean Up services for no additional fees.

10. Do you include wedding planning or coordination in your package?

If you could have a wedding pro by your side to help you with the ins and outs of your wedding day, why wouldn't you want that? Ask your venue if this service is available. Some venues offer Day-Of Coordination while others allow outside wedding planners. A Day-Of Coordinator typically helps you with decorating, meeting your vendors when they arrive, coordinating the ceremony and rehearsal, and showing guests where to go. We know this is a *super* helpful service, so we include it in all our wedding packages.

Curious about booking our venue or learning about our pricing? Learn about everything our venue has to offer and view our virtual tour!

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