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What is the Difference Between a Wedding Coordinator & a Venue Coordinator?

Wedding planners, coordinators, venue liasion, venue coordinator, day-of coordinator...if you're just getting started planning your wedding, your head might be spinning just seeing all these terms! Our Venue Director, Taylor, explains what the difference is and which ones you need!

Wedding Planner (Or Wedding Coordinator)

A Wedding Planner is your dream wedding sidekick/best friend. Sometimes called a wedding coordinator, you can hire a professional wedding planner to work with you from your engagement to your wedding day, sometimes a year's worth of planning (or even longer!).

A Wedding Planner Does:

  • Plan ALL aspects of your wedding

  • Handles decor, ceremony coordination, reception coordination, and makes your wedding day schedule

  • Help you select vendors

  • Keep everyone on time and in place!

  • Makes announcements & may MC your ceremony or give the cues to the DJ

A planner will handle virtually ALL the details of your wedding. This is the most hands-on service you can get for your wedding and is also the greatest investment, but definitely worth it!

Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

A Day-Of Coordinator is a lighter version of a Wedding Planner. This is a service typically provided by wedding planning companies perfect for small weddings or the DIY bride. A Day-Of Coordinator doesn't help with details in advance but meets your vendors on your wedding day, makes your wedding schedule, and runs the ceremony and reception. Like a planner, the Day of Coordinator gets everyone where they need to be on time. This service is less expensive than wedding planning but is really limited to just your wedding day.

A Day-Of Wedding Coordinator Does:

  • Creates a Wedding Schedule with you

  • Keeps everything running smoothly and on time at the wedding

  • Makes announcements & may MC your ceremony or give the cues to the DJ

A Day-Of Coordinator Does Not:

  • Plan your entire wedding

  • Decorate your wedding (typically)

  • Organize or plan the venue layout

  • Make vendor recommendations (typically)

Venue Coordinator (Or Venue Liason)

A Venue Coordinator makes sure that everything related to the wedding venue itself is perfectly planned throughout your wedding day.

A Venue Coordinator does:

  • Organizes wedding layout at the venue

  • Plans out the decor and items you will use from the venue

  • Meets vendors & directs their set up

  • Directs guests & wedding party on where to go

  • Handles all aspects of the venue itself

A Venue Coordinator does not:

  • Plan your entire wedding

  • Make announcements or MC your ceremony

  • Direct your wedding party during the ceremony (this is why you need a wedding planner AND a coordinator!)

If you need recommendations about styling for the venue or getting ideas about what worked best at past weddings, the Venue Coordinator will be your go to person. A Venue Coordinator will work hand-in-hand with you and your Wedding Planner to make sure your day is perfect. At Camellia Palms, we include Venue Coordination in our venue rental fees so you can feel confident in all of the hard work you've put into planning your wedding day at our venue!

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