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Which Wedding Vendors Should I Book First?

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

We know that planning a wedding is a lot of things: exciting, stressful, confusing, fun, and personal. One of the biggest questions you'll be asking yourself right after you get engaged is, "Where do I start???"

Which Wedding Vendors Should I Book First

It might seem strange, but the order in which you book your wedding vendors actually matters. We've put together this easy guide to help you figure out the first few vendors you should book when you begin to plan your wedding & to save you tons of time.

The First TWO Things You Need:

Wedding Venue & Wedding Planner

Book your wedding venue as early as possible - ESPECIALLY if you are looking during the peak wedding season for your area. In Northwest Florida and Southern Alabama, we see dates book up 1-2 years out for Sept-November and March-May.

You should also book your wedding planner as quickly as possible to get the full benefits of using a planner. Hiring a professional early on means that they can make recommendations and help you stay organized.

Next, You Need:

Photographer & Videographer

Popular photographers and videographers also book very quickly, so if you have your heart set on working with someone in particular, don't wait to book. Pay your deposit early to secure their services.

Then You Can Book:

Caterer, Florist, DJ, Dress, Rings & Other Things

Before you can book any caterer, they'll ask you where you're wedding is, so you need to book your venue first to see if they're in your venue's service area. The same goes for DJs, officiants, and other wedding pros. You should book these vendors and services 6-8 months out if possible, but after you've secured a wedding venue and a planner.

Ready to book your wedding venue? View a virtual tour of our venue here!

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