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Scrappy September Mystery Quilt Retreat
September 19-22

Because it is a MYSTERY, we won’t be sharing the pattern or pictures of the quilt before the retreat! 

This is a great retreat for everyone, beginners and beyond!


There will be swag and prizes, a trunk show, and plenty of quilting.

There will also be a scrap basket to pull from if you need just one more “red scrap” or “green square” to complete the vision of your quilt.


It would be wonderful if you can also bring a  scrap piece of fabric to toss in the basket to share with your fellow quilters.

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Meet Your Instructor!

Tabatha & Taylor.jpg

What You'll Bring:

You'll get cutting instructions before the retreat!

  • Background Fabric: White, Black, Gray, Cream, Yellow , Purple, whatever makes you happy and is a CONTRAST to the rest of your fabric.

  • Your Fabric Scraps: You can do this with either truly random scraps OR color controlled scraps such as a red-white-blue quilt.

  • You can use any colors you like , IT’S YOUR QUILT!!

What You'll Learn & Do:

  • Mystery Pattern (You'll find out what quilt we're making when you get here!)

  • 3 Days of Instructor-led Workshop

  • Bust that stash!

  • Learn how to coordinate fabrics you thought would never go together!

  • Make new friends!

Tabatha & Taylor, Co-Owners

Tabatha is the Co-Owner of The Lake House at Camellia Palms. Owning a quilt retreat has been her dream for over 10 years before Tabatha & Taylor opened The Lake House in 2019. 

Tabatha has been quilting for more than 20 years, creating dozens of quilts in many different styles and techniques. Quilts are her creative passion because each one is totally unique. No two quilts are ever the same!

Tabatha is credited in One Block Wonders of the World by Maxine Rosenthal.