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Group Projects for your next Quilt Retreat

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

I have been on many quilt retreats and I have to say, I particularly love the ones where the organizer had a small group project or make and take that we all did at the retreat!

A group project doesn’t need to be a big time consuming thing to be successful, just something for everyone to make a memory together.

At several retreats I have been on, the organizer had a quilt block pattern that everyone could make.

The idea was to make 1 block during the retreat (although you could certainly make more). Then all of our names were put into a hat. You had one ticket per block that you made(for example if you made 5 blocks, your name went into the drawing 5 times).

Then, whomever’s name was drawn won all the blocks for a quilt.

This was not only a fun project to do, but one retreater went home with a quilt full of memories!

Other easy group ideas could be:

  • Mug rugs

  • Pin cushions

  • Small tote bags

  • Appliques on tea towels

  • Fabric Christmas ornaments.

  • A monogrammed zipper pouch (using applique for the monogram)

As the organizer, you could choose to bring the items necessary to make the project or simply give your guests a list of items needed so that they would be sure to bring them and be able to participate.

I personally prefer to provide the items needed. This way, there is less of a chance for guests to forget to bring them and then be unable to participate.

I hope you have found these ideas inspiring and will soon be gathering a group of friends to head to your next quilt retreat!

Memories are made, friendships are deepened and what happens at quilt retreat, stays at quilt retreat and adding a simple group project to your next retreat will help you create special memories for everyone who attends.

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