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Quilt projects using leftover scrap fabrics

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Are you a quilter with piles of scrap fabric left over from your projects?

Do you hate the thought of throwing them away but aren't sure what to do with them?

Look no further!

In this blog post, we'll explore the many possibilities for what to do with those scraps, from creating scrap quilts to using them for paper piecing, applique, or making small gifts like pin cushions or pot holders.

We'll also discuss the importance of organizing your scraps and offer tips on choosing a neutral to pair with them.

Don't let those scraps go to waste - let's get creative and make something beautiful!

As quilters, we always have scrap fabric leftover from projects.

And, as naturally thrifty people, we hate to just throw them out.

I love scrap quilts, made entirely of the leftovers from my quilts, only adding a neutral background to draw the various scraps together.

These are two of my favorite quilts I've made using scraps I had leftover from other quilting projects!

So if you haven’t made a scrap quilt , where do you start??

The first step is to organize your scraps.

How to organize your scrap fabrics leftover from other sewing projects:

You will be more likely to use them if you can find the color/size you want without digging through piles of fabric. There is no wrong way to do this!

Some people like to cut all their scraps(anything less than a fat quarter ) into certain sizes such as 2.5” or 5” or even 2.5” strips.

I don’t generally do that because what if I needed a 6” square and all my scraps are cut smaller? So, I like to sort my scraps by color and I don’t worry too much about the size. I might have a 2 inch strip and a 6 inch square in the same bucket but as long as they are both the same color, it works for me.

There are also endless pattern resources for scrap quilts. You can google search them, look on Pinterest, pick up a quilt magazine or book from the library or store. Ask your friends to suggest a favorite pattern, you might try one you’d never thought of before!

Some of my favorite resources for scrap patterns:

Bonnie Hunter

Oh and don’t forget paper piecing!

Paper Piecing is ideal for using scraps. Some quilters don’t like paper piecing because they feel the technique is wasteful, but if you are using leftovers from other quilts, then it’s all just a bonus quilt.

Scraps are great for applique as well, since you usually only need small pieces.

Of course, you don’t have to use the scraps for a quilt. You can cut them really small and make filler for pet beds. You can make small gifts such as pin cushions, bookmarks, pot holders and much, much more.

When it comes to choosing a neutral to pair with scraps, it's okay to be bold and try something different, such as a floral print or bright color like cheddar yellow. So, instead of throwing away those scraps, get creative and make something beautiful!

Here is an example of a scrappy quilt made with a bright yellow background!

In conclusion, scraps are an inevitable part of quilting, and as thrifty quilters, we don't want to waste them. There are endless possibilities for what to do with scraps, including creating scrap quilts, sorting them by color or size, using them for paper piecing, applique, or even making small gifts like pin cushions or pot holders.

Ready to finally organize your works-in-progress? Start here!

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